Life as a female

When I was born, I was born with a power to melt a man’s heart and flourish it with his fatherly instincts. My mother received her best gift. My grandparents got a chance to hold a tiny human in their hands. As I grew up, I became my dad’s favorite and my mum’s best friend, my brother’s playmate and my sister’s love. This was my family and they made me feel safe.

I turned fifteen a week ago. I’ve started to draw attention of men. I wonder if they stare at me because I remind them of their daughter or their sister. No, this stare has some kind of unpleasant intentions.  ‘Are they okay with their mother, daughter, wife or their sister being looked at the same way?’, I wonder as I try dodging their stares by looking the other way and covering myself as much as I can with whatever’s in my hands.

As I step into my early twenties, I carry a lot of harsh experiences and learn these heavy lessons witnessing the sad truth of the society. Its medieval thought process and hidden constraints that bound the women race.

I admit that it is confusing at times. The sickened mentality is sometimes so subtle that it can be hidden under the mask of being cared for. But it must not be mistaken with the genuine care for our wellbeing that actually should exist.


Dealing with Obsessions

I don’t know how acceptable it is to grow obsessions for things so much that you give your undivided attention to it. I am guilty of that. I have this emotional drive that gets me attached to certain stuffs. And when I get hooked to it I find it not only difficult but almost impossible to do anything else but dive into it. It is my guilty pleasure and I seem to not be able to do anything about it.

Now when I talk about giving undivided attention you may tend to imagine me being madly focused on it most of the time. I would be happy if it were that but sadly that is not the case. The undivided attention that I give to those stuffs mean I do not even give myself the time to enjoy a meal. That is where the problem is. I do not even pay attention to the food that I am eating while dealing with these.

Being the gullible person that I am, I am going to take an advice from a friend of mine and start meditating. The advice was very generic and he wasn’t aware of this problem of mine while he gave it but I think it fits in and I should try it. I just hope that it doesn’t backfire and my subconscious mind finds the meditation a new way of feasting on my already deep attachments by fueling it even more.

Anger, a disease

Each of our days is filled with different kinds of emotions. Today I want to talk about anger. Since we deal with so many people with different personalities on a daily basis, clashing of opinions are unavoidable. Now different people react to different situations differently.

Sometimes we find it easier to forgive the person who has wronged us while other times we get this feeling of being crippled by anger. And that is exactly what anger does to us – it cripples us, cripples our senses. While you may want to justify your reasons for being angry let me tell you this: It is acceptable to feel angry but it is not acceptable to let the emotion control you. You feel angry? Confront the person and tell them what you do not like about the situation or share it with a friend. Bottling it up is only going to make it worse.

Anger is a disease. But we have the option of choosing how much we want to be affected. It is better to control our anger than letting it control us.

Personally, when I am angry I normally confront that person who has made me angry. It helps me in two things : 1. I know their side of the story and 2. It allows my emotions to flow so that it doesn’t get bottled up and worsens with time.

Pro tip :

Whenever you are angry if you find it hard to control just remember that IT IS KILLING OUR BRAIN CELLS. Do you really think these situations are worth letting your brain cells die for?

5 ways to always be on time

  1. Try to reach places 5 minutes before the time you are expected to be:

Punctuality is everything. If you respect time, the time will respect you. Remember; if you want to be on time be ahead of time.

  1. Plan ahead of time:

Create a mental map that you can follow to avoid distractions and to get things done on time. Since this helps you to be clear about the sequential steps to be followed, it will save a lot of time.

  1. Organize items by their functions:

Decide a fixed place to put different items. It will save time and effort to search for things when we need it. Just make sure you put things back into their original places when you are done using it.

  1. Get your bag ready a day before:

This can prove to be very helpful specially to avoid forgetting stuffs as you will have all night and the other morning to remember anything that you could forget.

  1. Do the necessary preparation for the next day in the previous night:

If anything, deciding what to wear or searching for your belt or socks can take a lot of time in the morning. Either organizing your dress in separate compartments or at least picking attire that you intend to wear the next day and putting it somewhere in a drawer a day before can save a lot of time.


My No junk food for a month challenge:

If you are anything like me, it is likely that you regret overlooking the healthy items in the menu and opting for the unhealthier ones only after having it. But at that point all you can do is hope that your digestive system is strong enough to handle the junk you just had. This is the very situation that I am in right now after just devouring a plate full of momos along with soft drinks. As grateful as I am towards my body for keeping up with my disastrous eating habits, I now have decided to take the one month no junk food challenge starting tomorrow.

Who doesn’t like taking up new challenges? I surely do. This is why I am using it to trick myself into the healthier lifestyle. I plan to commit on not letting the smell, look or imagination of mouthwatering junk foods or fast foods allure me.

I know I am going to face a few unavoidable situations where my willpower will be tested. I just hope I don’t give in to my cravings.

What I expect from this:

When I start the challenge, I will voluntarily look for healthy diets. I will be mindful about what goes into my stomach and will consciously avoid unhealthy foods. In a month this shall develop into a habit and avoiding such food might turn out to be easier than it is for me now.

How to overcome what-the-hell effect

There are times when everything feels overwhelming and you willingly or unwillingly give in to what-the-hell effect. What-the-hell effect is something I would like to describe as someone stopping trying to take control of his/her life and waiting for the life to happen and take care of itself. It is likely to happen if one has too many tasks at hand but does not have enough energy and/or willpower to get them done. One cannot afford to be an audience in their own life.

Taken from personal experiences, these are a few tricks we can use to overcome the what-the-hell effect.

Step 1: Analyze your situation

Take a deep breath and analyze your situation. Understood how you got into this position in the first place. It could be that you procrastinated until the last minute and now you have tons of things to do with no enough time.

How it works: Understanding what brought you to this kind of overwhelming situation will help you prevent making similar decisions in the future. In a lot of cases being able to say no also helps. 

Step 2: Plan your way to success

Create a plan. This will be a map that you will follow which will lead you to success (which in this case is completion of the tasks). For this you can make a list of the tasks in an order of the ones with the highest priority at the top. Make realistic goals that you can accomplish in the allocated time. While doing this you may miss some of the deadlines. And it’s okay, because at this point if you do not start you will miss even more.

Step 3: Divide and conquer

Now that you have a clear plan you are ready to act on it. Your target now is to look at one task at a time and get them all done one by one. Just stick to your schedule.

Pro tip:

Learn to say no. Unless you’re absolutely sure you want to do it and you are going to do it don’t say yes to anything.


4 ways to always stay happy:

1. See the positive in everything and everyone:

Flaws are something that we notice very fast in others, while finding something positive about people we meet can be quite difficult. Challenge yourself to find something that people around you excel at.

2. Compliment others:

When you compliment others you perceive them in a positive way and vice versa. It gives you a positive feeling about that person. Also, it’ll elevate their confidence. Just make sure your compliments are genuine.

3. Smile your way through everything:

We smile when we are happy. But we should smile even more when we aren’t. When it comes to smiling we should ‘fake it till we make it’. It seriously works, give it a try!

4. Let nature heal you:

When you feel overwhelmed with the situation at hand sit back and relax. You can choose to sit alone and look at the starry sky, or sit near a river and hear the soothing sound as it passes by. You can even just take a walk and really be present in the moment.

Food for thought: We all feel down at times. It’s okay. It will all be okay. Time heals everything. Even the deepest of scars numb with passage of time.

I’ll quote Albus Dumbledore here “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

6 things you must do if you have high blood pressure:

When the blood flows through the blood vessels it exerts pressure on the walls of the blood vessels (arteries). In some cases, this pressure maybe too high. We call this condition high blood pressure or hypertension.

These are few things that need to be done to regulate blood pressure.


  1. Exercise regularly

High blood pressure patient or not, exercise is something that we must include in your daily routine. Exercising makes our heart stronger due to which it can pump more blood with lesser effort. This results in lesser pressure on the arteries decreasing the blood pressure.


  1. Say no to smoking and drinking

The nicotine in cigarette smoke narrows the arteries, hardens their walls, and makes the blood more likely to clot. Narrowed arteries mean increase in the pressure of blood flowing through it.

Alcohol contains calories which can add to the chances of unwanted weight gain- this is a major risk factor for high blood pressure.


  1. Stay away from stress

Stress produces a surge of hormones that spikes up the blood pressure making the heart beat faster. Although researchers are not completely sure that the effects are long term, the short term effects may add up to developing a risk for long term high blood pressure.


  1. Minimizing excessive salt intake

Excessive salt strains the walls of the arteries, to cope with this the tiny muscles of the arteries become stronger and thicker. Again, this increases the blood pressure.


  1. Take healthy diet

Diet rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables, nuts and low-fat dairy should be taken while food rich in sodium, saturated and Trans fat, red meat and sugar sweetened beverages should be avoided as much as possible.


  1. Meditate

Meditation helps to regulate breathing which in turn decreases stress. This  is one of the most effective ways to deal with high blood pressure.

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